Hello, Hello!

so who am I?

Name: Larry Behrendt II

Graduated from the university of Wisconsin Waukesha with an associates degree in art and science,and  graduated from Wisconsin Milwaukee with a bachelors of science in computer-science and english creative writing. Currently I work in the field of pharmacy as a technician, as I have for about the last 8 years or so. My interests include the humanities (as ya probably didn't guess from this website!), reading, writing, running, programing, rock climbing, soccer, skating, skiing, martial arts, music, art, and a bunch of other things. I am the definitial bard, jack-of-all-trades, master of none!

To learn more about me, check out my blog at http://zodac.livejournal.com.

I also, being the friendly onliner that i am, i have a myspace account at myspace.com/_zodac_, i play more ikariam than i should (http://www.ikariam.com) [i am zodac on beta and emperor bob on alpha), and i also spend way to much time on face book.

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