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This is a work in progress where one can explore art, literature, and more.

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My Personal Works

The following sections present my art work, poems, programs, stories, and essays--my own personal voyage and exploration of the seas of the human and our great lair, the universe.


Below is some of my bad art.

To see more of my megAwesome art, go to my art page here.


Below is a sampling of some programs that I have created. Sorry, theres nothing toooooo fancy here, but i hope that users will have fun with them and that they will please forgive any obviouse flaws, as these programs obviously aren't industrial strength, exactly.

One more note: unless otherwise stated, the following programs were created with visual c# and as such can only be run on systems that meet the neccesary requirements. To run these programs, click to download the file, then install it, open the folder, and run setup, and then run the executable that the program creates.


Oncemore, these are not industrial strenght programs and i am not a known web publisher--yet! So, in adition for forgiving bugs and any obviouse flaws in these programs, you will have to take me on my word of honor that you can install these programs without any fear of viruses or gods-only-knows-what-else! There are no viruses on these programs, no spybots, malware, whatnot==these are meant to be fun little game programs and are such, to the best of my honor and understanding.

website administrator,

Larry Behrendt


Program name lists the name of the program, followed by language. c++ programs unless otherwise stated even if incomplete are no longer being worked on, c# programs are more current and likely are being worked on or complete. Status indicates the state of the program...does it work? is it being worked on? Rating also is an indication of that. Complete programs, even if less spectacular, usually are given higher ratings, less complete programs lower ratings unless they are truly worth checking out.


Program Name                                        Status                                 My Rating             Last Modified

Ferris Wheel (C++)                                   not being worked on                 ***                       NA

Chess Board & Pieces (C++)                       not being worked on                 **                        NA

Doom Ride (C++)                                     not being worked on                **                         NA

Simu-Dice (C#)                                        nearly complete                      ****                       5/11/08

Explosion (C#)                                         some work left to do               ***                        5/11/08

Population (C#)                                        lots of work left to do              **                       5/11/08

Rifts Character Creation Toolkit (C#)           lots of work left to do              ***                      5/13/08

Name Generator (C#)                                it works                                ****                      5/13/08


Coming soon, Shogi...i doubt it will be fully functional....or pretty or anything, but hopefully that will be complete enough to post in a few days. Rfits Character Creation Toolkit should hopefully be more complete soon to, and given time, hopefully i can finish of explosion and population. So, those are things to see here sometime soon...though that sometime soon may be a few days or a week or two...or get the procrastination!

C++ Programs using Glut

These programs were created using the C++ language and use Glut. As such you may need glut32.dll to use these programs. Check out for info on that. Basically, find Glut32.dll somewhere online (the above site has it, as does  and basically then move into into the C:\Windows\system32 folder and they will all work.

Ferris Wheel

This program, generated using Visual C++, version 6.0, creates a ferris wheel using GLUT. View the menu to see what options this program has. You may toggle the colors, wire frame, camera position, and much more. Its a fun little visual display.

Note: Your going to need glut32.dll to run this :( try
to solve that. As discussed above, basically put that file inside the C:\Windows\system32 folder.
File Size: 104 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

Chess board and Pieces

Okay, it doesn't really do much, but its sort of pretty, right? yeah, there are some problems. The texture maping didn't work rather right, but hey, its a nice little spectacle. This program, like the prior one, will require glut32.dll.
File Size: 114 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

Doom Ride


It sits, it spins, it does some more of that. Ok, no, it really doens't do much else. But hey, sit down and enjoy the DOOM!!!!
File Size: 107 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

C# Programs

The following programs were created using C#, and as such, may have certain requirements to view and use.


Simu Dice is a program that will simulate any dice roll for any sided dice, rolled any reasonable number of times! While I mainly intend it for roleplaying games and their ilk, feel free to experiment and have fun with it.


Note: I am aware that there is a bug with this program when reeeeallly large number of dice are rolled--stack overflow...or loops that don't ever terminate. i appologise about that...but truly, if you use it for reasonable number of dice, well, it does work!
File Size: 200 kb
File Type: zip
Download File


Explosion--This is a very simple game where a bunch of dots appear on the screen, ya clikc on them, and gain points, creating a tapestry of darkness and night as you go.


Note: Ok, there are some major problems with this one. Yes, Level One is auto engaged with out being selected. Yes, the dots movement isn't as random and sporadic as i'd like, and hey, what they have to close the application and restart it to play again :( sorry, m'bad.
File Size: 202 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

Population Beta

Not working yet. I plan to add lots more to this one, obviously. So far population optionn works, but calendar does not display correctly, peace/war option doesn't work, graphics doesn't work...etc...stay tuned in coming days for updates that hopefully will work!
File Size: 201 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

Rifts Character Creation Toolkit Beta

This program when complete is meant to be a toolkit to help role players create characters for Paladium's Masterpiece roleplaying game--Rifts! This is also a work in progress, but i must say i feel optimistic about the results so far. The Dice rolling portion works fairly well, there is a name generator that works somewhat, and there is more. It, like so much here, has a long way to go, but if dungeons and dragons has a character creation program, then rifts surely deserves one. It will be a great bone for both players and game  masters, saving lots of time and hopeuflly helping to make many fascinating amazing characters to live the ulitimite adventure that is a rifts game. Please note that Rifts is trademarked property of Paladium and the author of this website and programs does not lay ANY claim to that trademarked property.
File Size: 346 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

Name Generator

Hey, this program works! It's name says it all. It generates a random name.
File Size: 273 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

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