Currently my programs are all posted on the main page. In the coming weeks i hope to move them to this page. One can see which programs to check out by seeing the date modified, to find the most recently worked on creations.


5/17/08: i am currently having a good deal of trouble posting my programs to this website. I believe the problem is that even when zipped, some of them are massive memory wise. Poor weebly, the wonderful free service that lets me post here, just isn't able to import these behometh files. I am working on finding a way to solve that. That said, bare with me. I have a lot of projects that i am currently working on ,some of which i am extreamly excited about--a shogi program, rpgs, a math blaster style game for higher math (trig and calc), a virtual tarot and virtual guitar program. these programs will take me  a while to create, and it may take me  a while to solve the problem of importing large files here. one way or another, a solution will be found, the problem will be worked around, and i hope to present my work to you when it is complete. so bare with me, please. thank you.

once more, go to the main page to see a sampling of computer programs, the ones that weebly does let me post.

thank you,


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