Self Defense

Angry Oni are dancing with just gypsy gigolos
and here they fear pale haired pixies playing poi
flames arching like maddened will-o-wisps weaving
over under
the three fates
and all the strings are tangled
tight to taught
whispers explode
Maybe Milwaukee is a quilombo?
sure esquivas murmur amidst renaisancian resistencia
and the drums flash with light in the roda
lets ginga
we the mad, the children of our ancestors
released upon the universe
to laugh black holes and kiss gamma bursts
in our rainbow hued voices
and they’ll ask me for my sorrow and despair
to cry the blood red suns super giant end
and they’ll ask me if I miss you
and I’ll nod my head
watching only the Oni


Curious quaint comets commit

an angelic suicide

while water


the march towards progress

blame it blame somethin’





and every story has been told,

every poem palavered,

lyrics laconically laid

out there

and I’d search for ink,

yet, a proud pen is running

with rainbows and pure yen

karma bang

shiva shakes the end of the

world white wash






star song so long

lets say goodbye

a moment to rain

and thunder






coffee and tea

chocolate and carmel

lets say goodbye to

the word and

and lets say goodbye

to death




angry people

insurance companies

people justifying their

existence in dollar signs

people coughing out don’t care ‘bout you

lets say goodbye a moment

to dragons





medusa (always a beautiful dame, except the snakes)

super heroes and




and lets say goodbye

to despair and

Pandora’s pale box

and lets say goodbye

to goodbye





Quest to the Last Star Bucks


Fast frisby

Patrick Stewart and David Duchovony

searching the stars for truth and peace

and for macking

sex craze city sings a sin song

come on in, water is warm

men and women

flow and sparks



blinded by the bloody sparks

and I twist and throw my frisby

and it is alone in the wind a moment

and I watch

what will we weave when

it grows darker again, when sparks

vanish and

we have just the rest of our lives?

Lindsey, Paris Hilton,

mead maids

mad men

for a day,

alive till the end of each of our forevers

happily ever after?

it is late, and I just want one more

cup of caffeine, a sip of life and death

blood flow, brain surge,

its late, and the last

star bucks is closing down

the baristas barring the door

sonic screw drivers firmly in hand,

riding t-rexes into the night

all the obamas and mccains and biddens and palins

looming the land of the loss

we trudge to

the tower of tenacity

and this is the last word ever written




star bucks is closed

but they are talking of

starting a crusade

for the last cup of coffee

and I long for one

final adventure