Writing In Ice

Zero Sum Game (A.K.A. Economic Recovery?)

It’s the cow bell blues
bang clang********
*********cry America
and shift our lazy feet
a motion moment to the
tap tip of tetris—
--I move blocks for a living
blue crooked hooked hung
blocks break casually
cruelly against raging
and there is a tide
their is a tide,
they’re a tide
to timid the
tick tock tangles
and topples
dang bang the beat
and we are in a crisis
the music is screaming
fast so fast
whole rows recede
only to be replaced
and oh, no, oh no!
the grid is complete
and one is lost
among the many

Slow Slip Ships

The sea sighs
as lady water
entombs me
My heart thuds
once and twice
and the flying
Dutchman snarls
and snakes
through a sea nymphs
soft song
as the tide tugs
us onwards
once more

Down Sizing

Fire me boy!
The cannon bangs forth
and there is at first
the feel of the whole world
falling away
and then, softly,
inevitably, the timid tug of
gravity waking me up oncemore
and then there, right there!, is the
oh, and it is no longer a small world
after all, but a huge world,
and I can’t help but think
that the edges are a touch harder
and crueler than I’d like
and there it is,
hello world!
Empty pockets are parachutes
and I spin for a moment above and
towards it all, a mad crazy top
a coin spinning away,
heads or tails,
see a penny, pick it up,
if its—oh, gods,
the companies have not
the money for the workers,
the workers, having lost
there job, have not the money
for the company,
I fall and fall and fall
some more and think,
lets all paint ourselves blue
and become a rabid blue man group
tribe, and theres smurfet,
and theres winter
and the summer glows to save us all,
and the nice thing is one can only fall so fast
and at last,
I sigh, open my third eye,
all shakras alive,
and I speak.